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The Knight Eldwin found out one of the fundamental laws of the world.
All things can be transposed into the words.
That meant the skillful master could dismantle the words to reembody the natural phenomenon.
He has succeeded to understand the most basic concept of magic, despite being born as an ordinary man.

But Eldwin, who had no talent nor eyes to understand the pure meaning of magic, focused on making framework of words.
When he found the powerful phenomenon of nature, he immediately stored them inside the frame.
When Eldwin faced the fight, he opened up the words to fire them, just like the wizards of the legend.

Only problem was that it was no easy to find the natural phenomenon powerful enough for battle.
If it's about gentle breezes or bonefire, perhap yes. But swirling storm, freezing cold, and lightning bolt? Well.
Even if he had reserved them, how could he waste them without carelessly?

So Eldwin ended up just wearing magic invisible to most people, and brandishing sword like before.